Maka Sugary

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This is our spectacular variety dedicated to one of the icons of online cannabis, a long-time activist, grower and communicator, which you surely know, Maka Comunica.

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These indica-dominant feminized seeds are the result of crossing Cherry Punch and Blueberry from the '90s. A spectacular combination of new American trends with some of the purest European classics.
Fast, very productive and easy to grow, it will produce short, robust plants with numerous branches, with high yields, thanks to an outstanding central stem and good satellite buds.
Its flowering is very compact, giving many specimens lilac and bluish tones, which are loaded with trichomes as the floral stage progresses.
It eats very well, being very appreciative of the potassium in the final phases, with which it obtains very hard and closed flowers in the purest American style. It supports vigorous thermal inclemencies and has very good fungal resistance.
Maka Sugary flowers drip resin, being a really sticky plant, which makes it perfect for lovers of extraction.
With a penetrating and powerful aroma, it has a sweet entrance on the palate that leaves a sugary, creamy and fruity organoleptic detail, reminiscent of an apple pie, with nuances of red fruits and blueberries.
Its effect is extremely relaxing, ideal for resting.

Genetics Indica Dominant
Genotype Cherry Punch x Blueberry Old School
Variety feminized
internal performance It can reach 700 gr/m2
external performance Up to 1 kg per plant
THC 30%
outdoor harvest September October
Bloom 52- 58 days
cultivation level Easy
Activities 0.4
CBD 2%
moisture 8%


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