Former Tropical Kittlez

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This variety is a cross between the well-known Zkittelz and Watermelon. It is recommended for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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It is a plant with the appearance of a leafy bush with a huge central point, compact and adapts very well to pruning and modeling Genotype SCROG*, even managing to double its size.
Its harvest, made up of dense and resin-coated buds, surprises.
Sativa that has an unusual juicy watermelon flavor. It causes a pleasant state of euphoria and at the same time allows you to concentrate with energy and motivation. Its properties to treat depression and stress cannot be overlooked.

Genetics 80% indica 20% sativa
Genotype Zkittelz x Watermelon
Variety feminized
internal performance 500 grams per m2
external performance 600 grams per plant
THC 27%
outdoor harvest Beginning of October
Bloom 60 - 67 days
cultivation level Easy


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